New-Gem Home Design, LLC began in July 2019 after Founder and Visionary Jason Halvorsen settled into his own home. It took two years to find a place to call home.

While traveling from house to house with the realtor, he was devising ideas on what he would do to change the layout and colors of each home. He would make a game of it in his head and has even helped many of his friends with ideas for their living and business spaces. So, after finally settling in his new home, it was time to start following his passion in interior design. Enter New-Gem Home Design, LLC!

Jason has an eye for color and loves many styles of decor. He loves to figure out how to reuse and upcycle old pieces of furniture and antiques. His imagination runs wild when he walks in to a place that he's never been to before, and the first thing his mind does and is to see how to make it flow easier. This could be simply by changing a color, or moving things around,or more elaborately, such as removing a wall or reformatting the footprint of the space.

As a Visionary, I take pride to do my best to bring your dreams to life. We can help with any room in your home. We also with help give your business a new look!